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Take all the guess work out of
producing a perfect level sheet of Ice.

Level-Ice Laser Leveling System

Simple to install. Simple to use.

Let’s the operator focus on driving. The Level-Ice Laser Leveling System will automatically control the cutting blade of the conditioner to achieve an accurate, level ice surface. The system can be installed on all ice resurfacing machines.

Laser-Focused Technology

Reduce operating costs, maintenance time & extend blade life by 50%

Level-Ice literally takes all the guess work out of producing a perfectly level sheet of ice. The laser controlled ice leveling system provides accurate reference point to within 0.5mm. Using the most advanced receiver technology the system controls the cutting blade of the conditioner to give your ice a perfectly level surface after every flood. 


The Level-Ice transmitter emits a safe low power laser beam of light. This laser produces the reference ceiling of light, which is the level reference point for calculating the deviations in the ice surface. The receiver tracks the beam of light through the 4 inch (105mm) receiving window to an accuracy of 0.02 inches (0.5mm).

Blade Drive Motor

The blade drive motor takes the place of the familiar crank handle. It is an electric drive system controlled by the display box and the laser light and can move at ¼ mm increments at a very rapid speed. Much faster than manual control.


The Level-Ice system eliminates the variable results achieved by different operators. Programmed settings maintain a minimum and maximum cut standard which can be controlled by one user, allowing a consistent resurfacing from the entire ice maintenance team.

About Level-Ice

We provide consistent leveling of ice while eliminating operator error.

Originally developed by Latec Instruments Inc., Level-Ice was a segmented line of products for Ice Recreational markets. In 2011, Latec registered the Level-Ice brand to increase specialized service to the growing market. We focus on delivering precision laser-focused leveling systems and tailored ice resurfacing equipment. Advanced receiver technology enables the system to control the cutting blade, based on the variable ice thickness detected while resurfacing. The Level-Ice Laser Leveling System provides a superior ice surface in less time with less labor. With cutting edge features, Level-Ice provides the highest quality product and greatest efficiencies for your ice surface all the time.

Over 1,000 Systems Sold!


  • “Since having the ‘Level-Ice’ Laser System installed on our ice resurfacers, keeping our NHL ice at optimum and level surface has been very manageable and easy to maintain. Bye-bye hand crank, hello ‘Level-Ice'”

    Edward w.

    Scotiabank Saddledome
    Home of the NHL Calgary Flames
  • “We recently installed Level Ice at a twin pad facility this past season and have seen many benefits including ice maintenance reduction times and will be looking at opportunities for additional installations in our other City arenas.”

    Brad Putnam

    Arena Operations Manager
    City of Peterborough, Ontario
  • “Improved ice conditions and reduced maintenance costs – the innovation leads to better ice and energy savings. For me, it’s the ultimate. Ice maintenance is so much easier to control; it creates consistent ice. Before we would go out and measure – we couldn’t keep it consistent.”

    Kevin Geoffrey

    Municipality of Bluewater
    Lake Huron, Ontario
  • “We want you to know how pleased we are with the Level-Ice system. This is one of the best investments we’ve made. Tracking our utility usage, we save more than 20% on water usage per month along with approximately 14% reduction of electricity. There is an additional savings on fuel, since our Zamboni doesn’t need to work as hard. Add to this we have perfect level ice. Teams, players and officials all tell us they would prefer to play in our facility over any other in the area. It is now very easy to train a driver to be an excellent operator. We have spread the word to other arenas because your system on the ice resurfacer is in the best interest of the game and the participants. Thanks Again!”

    Patrick Hawkins, Director

    City of Allen Park
  • “it’s going to save time, money and labor. The players say they notice the difference – they can skate easier and puck moves easily.”

    Steve Sutton

    Stratford Rotary Complex
    Stafford, ONtario
  • “Wouldn’t own another machine without it”

    Matt Callan

    Scotiabank Saddledome
    Home of the NHL Calgary Flames
  • “One major benefit we have noticed is our reduced ice maintenance times. We operate a busy twin pad community center and now, more focus can now be placed elsewhere in the facility. Great product overall!”

    Fergus Sportsplex

    Township of Centre Wellington
  • “A recent year long study at Family Ice Center Shows an overall operating cost reduction of $21,500 during its first year of use, while allowing the facility to sell hours it once allocated for ice maintenance. Rinks using the laser system are able to raise ice temp set points anywhere from one to two degrees during normal operation, resulting in reduced compressor run time.”

    Kevin Sackville

    Family Ice Center
    South Maine
  • “we knew how much ice we had, but didn’t know if it was flat. the laser tells me the thickness and automatically adjusts the blade down to cut the ice and levels the ice to one inch from one end to the other. Having the system allows me to know that the ice is level at all times, providing a great sheets of ice for the Hurricanes. the ice is perfectly flat to five-thousandths of an inch, all over the sheet.”

    Donnie MacMillan

    RBC Center
    Home of the NHL Carolina Hurricanes

NHL teams that use Level-Ice

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